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Gaybook is a free, safe, online social networking service for young gay, lesbian, bisexual, bicurious and transgender people. It is an exclusive social network for thirteen to twenty-five year olds only.

Members can create and update a personal profile, upload photos, music, videos, add other users as friends, exchange messages and receive automatic notifications. Members may join, create and contribute to common-interest user groups, pages, blogs, forums, events, polls, quizzes, marketplace ads and more. Additionally, members can like, share or comment on specific posts, photos, blogs and much more.

Gaybook is all about safety when it comes to children. To ensure maximum safety, we moderate all new accounts before they are allowed access to the community. This allows our current members maximum protection from fraudulent accounts, potential child groomers and pedophiles trying to access our young and vulnerable members.

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If you're new to Gaybook and need help, we offer a frequently asked questions section and a support helpdesk. We will do our very best to respond in a quick and helpful manner.

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